A systems loudness can be determined by measuring the sound pressure level (SPL) inside the vehicle.  Here at RTA we use only the latest in SPL metering technology to measure and determine your systems peak performance.  We have compiled a list,  based on the total inches of woofers, of some of the hardest hitting systems measured by our team here at RTA.  Stop in today to get your car on the list and show off your SPL!


B B. 137.1db@55hz 40"

Jose O. 144.4db@40hz 48"

​Shaun C. 144.8db@55hz 48"


Ben F. 140.7db@38hz 20"

Will M. 134.9db@40hz 24"

Jamie M. 134.8db@54hz 20"

Cliff M. 129.7db@40hz 20"

TJ O. 141.4db@45hz 24"

Trent G. 132.2db@50hz 24"

Branson N. 136.7db@59hz 20"

Nelson M. 144.7db@40hz 30"


Nelson M. 134.8db@50hz 8"

Kimo W. 134.3db@50hz 15"

​Cliff M. 132.8db@48hz 10"

​Will M. 132.7db@40hz 8"

Anna M. 126.1db@44hz 6.5"

Khris C. 122.0db@50hz 10"

​Derrick D. 125.0db@45hz 10"

​Sterling J. 137.3db@38hz 12"

Cliff M. 141.4db@43hz 12"

Mike S. 138.5db@43hz 8"

TJ O. 136.7db@38hz 15"

Branson N. 128.4db@42hz 10"

Jake A. 129.5db@39hz 8"

Andrew L. 121.4db@48hz 12"

​Dylan R. 134.2db@35hz 8"

​David G. 142.4db@49hz 16"


Adam D. 147.7db@50hz 84"